MSP-660 – 660 Ton Die Spotting Tryout Press

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MSP-75 – 75 Ton Die Spotting Tryout Press
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MTP-660US StandardMetric
Clamping Force660 tons600 tonnes
Opening Force176.4 tons160 tonnes
Overturn Force44 tons40 tonnes
Ejection Force13.2 tons12 tonnes
Working Speed2.7 inch/sec0 -70 mm/sec
Clamping Speed1.2 inch/sec0 -30 mm/sec
Die Dimensions157.4 x 98.4 inch4000 x 2500 mm
Opening Stroke of Upper and Lower Platen124.9 inch3200 mm
Minimum Distance Between Two Platens15.7 inch400 mm
Shift Out Stroke of Die248 inch6300 mm
Ejection Stroke11.8 inch300 mm
Overturn Angle180°180°
Max Weight of Die88.1 tons80 tonnes
External Dimensions
(L x W x H)
420 x 213 x 378 inch10,200 x 5400 x 9600 mm
Machine Weight168.6 tons153 tonnes
Motor Capacity55 HP41 kW
  • Color HMI with die/job memory
  • Interlocked, hinged guards on 3 sides
  • Linear position sensor
  • Safety ratchet bar
  • Solid, robust construction


  • PLC and HMI color touch screen with graphics and die setup memory.



  • Allen Bradley PLC and HMI Control System
  • Siemens PLC and HMI Control Systems
  • Omron PLC and HMI Control Systmes


The MSP series die spotting press is suitable for final assembly, grinding and repair work of molds/dies for various processes including plastic injection mold, punching die, transfer mold, metal mold, forging mold, die-casting dies, glass mold, rubber and plastic mold, metallurgy die and is specially and ideally designed for the mold/die manufacturing industry. In addition, it the MSP series is well suited for large area sheet cold press molding in the auto industry, motorcycle industry and hardware industry.

This spotting press is composed of an upper worktable that can move up and down, and also flip, and a lower worktable that moves horizontally. The lower worktable is pushed to the auxiliary worktable, while the upper worktable can move up and down and also flip 180°. Finally, the upper and lower dies are faced up on the worktable for easy observation and grinding conducted by the operator.

The MSP series die spotting press comes in two configurations.  The standard configuration is MSP with a front bolster.  The second configuration is MSP-SB with a side bolster (SB).  Each configuration comes in a variety of sizes. This manual applies to both configurations.

The MSP series die spotting press has been developed using 3D modeling of the body assembly, motion simulation and optimization of key parts. In addition, the latest simulation technology has been used to optimize kinematics and dynamic characteristics to ensure smooth open/close operation and balanced mold/die clamping force. The permanent seat and shifting seat use a box-type structure, and undergo finite element stress analysis and strain analysis to ensure high parallelism between the two platens. The whole hydraulic system features good dynamic performance, smooth switching and no-leakage to comply with environmental protection concepts. The control portion is designed with a state of art PLC and HMI which features a large color LCD.  This spotting press designed with oil temperature monitoring and a comprehensive alarm system with simple fault detection capabilities for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. This spotting press is provided with three safety protection units, including mechanical, hydraulic and electrical units.

Please carefully read and understand this instruction manual before using this machine. For more information about technology or operation, please feel free to contact us.

  • Item Die Spotting Tryout Press
  • Model MSP-660
  • Opening Force 176.4 Tons / 160 tonnes
  • Ejector Stroke 11.8 " / 300 mm
  • Ejector Force 13.2 Tons / 12 Tonnes
  • Motor Drive Servo motor

  • touch screen
  • light curtain
  • linear sensor
  • core circuits
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